API Documentation

Our API provides the ability through which you can extend your own technologies with the capabilities of our cloud nfrastructure. This allows you to integrate our platform with other software or interfaces for the purpose of automating the manner through which your media is managed.

1. Authentication
2. File Status
3. Upload
4. Files Management

Files Management

This API function allow the listing of all the files and updating their titles and descriptions.



Available Variables

Variable Name Required Details
action Yes list, categories and update
LIST Action:
search No Search by terms
sort No Sorting: oldest, newest(default), rated, viewed
perpage No Results per page: 10 default, 50 maximum
page No Results page
UPDATE Action:
id Yes Video ID
title No Video Title
description No The description of the file.
category No The ID of the category
private No "yes/no" -> private file
thumb No Thumb ID


The output comes as an array, in JSON format.

Output Variables Visible Details
LIST Action:
pages On Success Total number of pages
total On Success Total number of files
files On Success An array with the file results
files->id On Success The file id, used for API requests.
files->url On Success The URL of the file.
files->size On Success The file's size in bytes.
files->title On Success The title of the file.
files->description On Success The description of the file.
files->votes_plus On Success The number of possitive votes
files->votes_minus On Success The number of negative votes.
files->views On Success Total file views.
files->duration On Success Video duration in seconds
files->category On Success The ID of the category
files->private On Success Private file
files->date On Success Y-m-d date of the upload
files->comments On Success The total number of comments.
files->thumb On Success The current thumbnail of the file .
files->thumbs On Success Array of availabile thumbnails of the file .
files->thumbs->id On Success Thumbnail ID.
files->thumbs->url On Success Thumbnail URL.
Categories Action:
id On Success Category's ID
name On Error Category's name
Update Action:
On Success The title and/or description were updated successfuly.
info=>id not found
On Error The file was not found in your account.

Sample API Request and Output


http://www.videohut.to/api/files.php?user=asda&pass=asdasdsa&action=update&id=aoig3gfdsfkse&title=the new title